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What is laser?

Laser hair removal is a safe, quick and cost-effective method of permanently reducing unwanted hair on most parts of the body. A thorough consultation will be given and you will be asked to sign a consent form for treatment and fill out a medical history form. Treatment will be explained, predicted outcome discussed, how many treatments needed and any questions you wish to ask. Any personal information collected is confidential and kept only for your treatment record.

How does laser work?

At Viva, we use the Candela GentleLase alexandrite laser. It has a dynamic cooling device (DCD) that cools the skin with a cryogen spray-on contact making the treatment quite comfortable. The laser emits a coherent or single wavelength of light therefore selectively heating and destroying the hair root. The laser emits a ‘ burst of light that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. This energy is converted to heat and destroys the hair root leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. For prices please call clinic 9739 6520

Is it permanent?

Laser hair removal is successful for most clients. If treatments are done regularly, 6‐12 treatments 4‐6 weeks apart clients usually find that 80‐90% of the hair will be permanently reduced. This also depends on the colour of the hair, the darker the hair, the better the result. Blonde, grey or red hair cannot be treated. Tanned skin cannot be treated and it is essential to avoid sun exposure, fake tan and solariums for at least 2 weeks prior and one week after treatment. As all clients respond differently to the effectiveness of laser hair removal, results cannot be guaranteed. We will discuss with you at consultation the expected outcome of your laser hair removal treatments, how many visits will be needed, pre and post-care and possible side effects.

What should I do before a treatment?

It is essential to avoid sun exposure, fake tan, spray tan and solarium exposure to the area to be treated for at least 2 weeks before and a week after treatment. Clients are not to wax, tweeze or use an epilator at least 4 weeks before treatment. The area can be shaved or use a depilatory cream the day before treatment, hair needs to be short to be effectively treated.

Why do I need so many visits?

Normally 6‐12 treatments 4‐6 weeks apart are required some clients may need more. The hair needs to be targeted in its anagen or growth stage to be effectively destroyed. Only about 20% of body hair is in the anagen stage at one time. Over time hair follicles can sometimes repair or dormant follicles can be activated and maintenance treatments may occasionally be needed.

Pre-Treatment Care

• No sun exposure 3 weeks prior to treatment including solarium.
• All spray tans and tanning solutions including tinted moisturizes to be completely removed from the treatment area.
• No make-up to be worn in the treatment area.
• Do not wax, tweeze or bleach 4 weeks prior to treatment.
• All areas with thick, course, dark hair must be shaved 1 day before treatment e.g. underarms, Brazilian, legs.
• DO NOT shave the facial area or any other area with fine, fluffy hair. • If treating the facial area no recent facial peels, microdermabrasion, skin needling 2 weeks prior to treatment.

Post-Treatment Care

POST-TREATMENT CARE • Aloe Vera is a common soothing gel used after treatment to help cool the skin. • Treat lasered areas as you would mild sunburn, this meaning NO sun exposure 2 weeks after, NO moisturizes until redness subsides, NO exfoliating for 1 week after and NO hot showers, NO peels and NO skin needling. • The treatment area may have the appearance of stubble or black dots due to the treatment hair waiting to fall out. This hair is not new growth, exfoliating is important at this stage. • 7 days after your first treatment we will offer a complimentary touch up to help the appearance of the area. • Follow up appointments should be 4-6 weeks between each of your treatments. If you experience burning, swelling, bruising or peeling please contact our clinic on 9739 6520