The Acnelan peel by Mesoesthetic is a specially formulated medical grade peel to treat acne, congestion and seborrhoeic skin.

It can be used in mild to severe acne and is effective in reducing active acne lesions, preventing the formation of new acne lesions and maintaining a healthy balance to the skin.

The Acnelan peel is a deep cleansing treatment with a special combination of active acne-fighting ingredients. The treatment is best utilised as a course in which specially formulated Mesoesthetic home care products are provided in addition to the in-clinic peels. The home care maintenance regime also targets the triggers and prevents a recurrence after the peel course is complete.

The Acnelan peel system is a three-step system which involves:

  1. Deep cleansing of blocked pores

  2. Removing of  impurities

  3. Improvement in skin texture

Acnelan is one of its kind treatment with innovative formulations of acne-fighting ingredients which target all causes of acne and breakouts.

Acnelan Before.png
Acnelan After.png
Acnelan Before 1.png
Acnelan After 1.png